For the greatest economic and environmental impact, many secure ITAD programs integrate refurbishing and remarketing efforts designed to capture value from disposed devices and components that are still useful. Doing this right on a large-scale requires experience and special attention to data security, transportation and logistics.

Once IT assets reach the end of their lifespan in your company, it’s wasteful — and often illegal — to simply throw them away. Through a comprehensive IT asset remarketing program, it’s possible to realize a number of significant benefits — including lowering total cost of ownership for IT assets by capturing remaining value.

How we remarket your IT assets

Univold Asset Recovery takes a multi-stage approach, a proven process to IT asset remarketing:

  1. Univold transportation partners collect and securely ship your devices to one of our processing facilities.
  2. Upon arrival, we audit and inspect the items for potential remarketing value, taking into account the cost of data erasure, repairs and other tasks.
  3. Our dedicated team works to obtain the best possible value for the remarketable assets.
  4. Any data destruction procedures are completed.
  5. Remarketable assets or harvested parts are sold through our active business and consumer channels.
  6. Anything that can’t be resold is securely dismantled and recycled according to material-specific standards and waste disposal regulations.

Why we carefully track and report

Between the sensitive data contained on these devices and environmental regulations, the IT asset disposition process requires trust and accountability. That’s why we carefully record and document the disposition at every step, and make those reports to you.

  • We perform thorough background checks on all transportation providers, as well as check for certification with the TSA and other agencies as needed.
  • Security of data is a priority from start to finish, and we make sure sensitive information won’t end up in the wrong hands.

From your business’s perspective, the result of all this effort is more than just peace of mind. IT asset remarketing overseen by experienced professionals enables more value to be recaptured and returned to your business through sales proceeds. Even better, we help fulfill corporate efforts to reduce and control risk wherever it may lie.

Has your business considered an employee purchase program or donation?

Univold Asset Recovery can work with you to design such programs to meet your needs and enterprise specifications.

The Sipi remarketing advantage

Our remarketing programs are unique. The seasoned professionals on our team work for your business — finding the best possible value for your specific devices based on manufacturer and condition. We also specialize in quick, efficient settlements to move your project timeline along as smoothly as possible.

It’s easy to get started, contact Univold via email or over the phone. Because each collection event is unique, we will implement an secure ITAD program that will ensure your organization’s security, value recovery, compliance and environmental goals are met.