Juniper MX304

The Juniper MX304 is the latest addition to the MX Portfolio: a unique combination of compact form-factor, bandwidth modularity, control-plane redundancy, and interface diversity.

Powered by Trio6 Packet Forwarding Engines (PFEs), it guarantees the highest multi-dimensional scales and advanced programmability to address the most demanding roles in your network: Multi-Service Edge, Provider Edge, Enterprise Edge, VPC Gateway and Peering Router to name a few. Also, it can play a key role in disaggregated and distributed broadband networks where a transition from large modular systems to compact form-factor is required.

The MX304 key characteristics are:
  • Its compact form-factor: 2RU and 610mm depth
  • Its power efficiency: ~0.29W/Gbps
  • Its large range of interface speed: from 1GE, 10GE, 25GE, 40GE, 50GE, 100GE, 400GE
  • Its modularity to match the required forwarding bandwidth, from 1.6Tbps to 4.8Tbps
  • The control-plane redundancy with the capability of using two Routing Engines
  • The support of Class-C timing and MACsec encryption on all ports (except 1GE at the moment of the publication of this article)
  • The diversity of power source: AC, DC, HVAC/HVDC

  • Top Left is always occupied by an RE: RE0
  • Top Right can be empty or occupied by:
    • An LMIC: LMIC2
    • Or a RE: RE1
  • Bottom Left can be empty or occupied by an LMIC: LMIC0
  • Bottom Right can be empty or occupied by an LMIC: LMIC1

To put it differently, the MX304 supports the combination of one or two REs, and one, two or three LMICs with the following conditions: up to 4 cards and max 2 REs. 

That’s why the forwarding capability will be:

  • 1.6Tbps with one LMIC and one or two REs
  • 3.2Tbps with two LMICs and one or two REs
  • 4.8Tbps with three LMICs and a single RE

Two examples to illustrate it:

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