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The Storage Solution


Titan T2000 provides features that simplify tasks such as system installation, configuration, and serviceability enabling IT generalists to manage resources more efficiently and focus on the bigger picture.

  • Simple to order with all-inclusive software
  • Customer installable/configurable in 25 minutes
  • Intuitive web-based (HTML5) management
  • Easily expandable without disruption

Titan T2000 is purpose-built and optimized for SAN and DAS virtualized workloads. Connecting to a Overland-Tandberg Olympus Servers to address the challenges of server capacity expansion or to a SAN for flexibility and scalability ensures that business applications will always get high-speed and reliable access to their data – without compromise.

  • Direct-attach to Overland-Tandberg Olympus Servers over SAS, FC, or iSCSI
  • Consolidate SAN storage through a single port over FC or iSCSI


Titan T3000 minimizes the risk of data loss and leverages the value of protected data, while meeting ever more demanding SLAs and increasing ROI. Titan T3000 delivers fast backups and restores at a high compression level.

  • Speeds backups by 50%;
    reduces network impact by 98%
  • Applicable in cloud environment and on-premises operations
  • increasing in importance for ransomware protection and recovery.

T3000 lowers the total cost of ownership by reducing downtime in the unlikely event of a hardware failure. can be used with almost any current backup/recovery software, and can be added to an existing environment

  • Enables client-side deduplication, sending only unique data to the
    Data Domain system


This unified storage system enables organizations to deal with the pressing issues of data growth and data center sprawl, leveraging the latest storage technologies to drive digital transformation with unified consolidation and superior all-inclusive data services functionality. Also, unlike some competitive systems, Titan T5000 is an active-dual controller architecture that ensures data access with 5-9’s availability

  • Every Titan T5000 comes to you with all-inclusive software making your investment easy to purchase and own
  • install and configure in 25 minutes, with intuitive easy-to-use web based (HTML5) management

Titan T5000 storage system has the raw performance to ensure that controllers don’t become the limiting factor, enabling users to scale as needed to keep pace with application IOPS, latency and capacity growth. Titan T5000 array IO is accelerated with FAST Cache to deliver the performance of flash with lower-priced MLC flash drives.

  • deploy as a physical appliance or as part of a converged infrastructure – all sharing one OS and GUI
  • supports multiple cloud deployment options that help simplify operations, lower costs and reduce complexity


It’s not just data, it’s your business! The software defined architecture of the Operating System OneFS gives you simplicity at scale, intelligent insights and the ability to have any data anywhere it needs to be – at the edge, core or cloud. Whether it is hosting file shares or home directories or delivering high performance data access for applications like analytics, video rendering and life sciences, Titan T6000 can seamlessly scale performance, capacity, and efficiency to handle any unstructured data workload.

  • Large-scale, archiving data storage that offers unmatched efficiency to lower costs
  • Disaster recovery target for organizations requiring an economical, large-capacity storage solution
  • File archives for economical storage and fast access to reference data to meet business, regulatory and legal requirements

Titan T6000 scale-out storage solution is designed for organizations that want to manage all their data, not their storage. Our storage systems are powerful yet simple to install.

  • built-in multi-protocol capabilities including NFS, SMB, HDFS, S3, HTTP and FTP protocols for edge, core and cloud
  • Non-disruptive tech refresh, add nodes in 60 seconds

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