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What's the best rack PDU solution for your data center?

What's the best rack PDU solution for your data center?

At Univold we offer the best Server Technology Products, we understand that power needs vary from customer to customer. Some data centers require all-in-one power solutions complete with all the available bells and whistles, while others have more basic needs. But one thing that doesn’t vary is the desire for a best-in-class high quality power product.

Sales Engineer Amanda Senger says Server Technology’s large selection of PDUs is a major differentiator among its competitors.

“We’re really good at one thing: PDUs. We have over 2,000 different part numbers, where our competitors only have 100-200, so we have a lot more flexibility we can offer our customers.”

With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when deciding which power solution is right for your data center. With this in mind, we’ve created a handy rack PDU selection wizard and flow chart that addresses all levels of power needs – from basic, non-metered PDUs to Switched POPS with outlet-level power monitoring.

“Ultimately,” Senger says, “there’s a solution for everyone with Server Tech’s PDU lineup. Whether your needs are basic or complex, we offer a solution for you. Even if you don’t need power monitoring, you’re probably still going to want a high outlet count in a high-quality PDU.”

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