Shipping agreement.


Univold Tool Company (UTC) will ship products in the following manner.

1- Shipping to continental united state to the purchasers billing address only.

Purchaser may choose to use their own shipping account with any carrier as long as they arrange for pick up and assume responsibility. During business hour Monday To Friday 9 AM to 5 PM P.S.T.

End User May choose to purchase insurance or buy UTC’s insurance for their shipment,¬† UTC will not ship without shipping insurance.

UTC is requiring signature upon delivery of shipment from the purchaser or purchaser firm employee, who has been disclosed to UPC prior to shipping. Chain of custody of product may not be altered with.

Purchaser must make arrangement with UTC prior to purchase to ship to a third party delivery company or individual. Purchase must obtain account that is valid to ship to third party.

2- International Shipping

All products sold by UTC or its suppliers are subject to export approval from manufacture and are subject to taxes and custom duties either in Units state or arriving country. All duties are responsibility of purchaser. UTC does not pay for any freight forwarding fee’s or custom duties or custom clearing work.

Purchaser must have  appropriate licensing accounts with different agencies involved in export of products within both countries. AT no time UTC will authorize shipping without these parameters verified.