Sophos Firewall v20

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We are extremely pleased to announce that Sophos Firewall v20 is now available. This latest release includes an innovative new active threat response capability, several networking enhancements, added support for securing your remote workforce, and many of your top-requested features.

Sophos Firewall v20 is a free upgrade for all licensed Sophos Firewall customers.

Watch the video below for an overview of what’s new, download the What’s New PDF, or read on for the full details and deep-dive demo videos.

Active Threat Response

Extending Synchronized Security to MDR and XDR provides a direct feed for security analysts to share active threat information with the firewall, enabling it to automatically respond to active threats without creating any firewall rules.

Dynamic Threat Feeds introduces a new threat feed API framework that is easily extensible. It enables threat intelligence to be shared by the Sophos X-Ops team, other Sophos products like MDR and XDR, and ultimately third-party threat feeds in the future.

Synchronized Security extends the same Red Heartbeat, automated response that Sophos Firewall has always had and applies it to MDR/XDR identified threats. This ensures compromised hosts are not able to move laterally or communicate out, while details including host, user, and process are readily available for follow-up. Synchronized Security has also been enhanced with added scalability and reduced false missing heartbeats for devices that are in sleep or hibernation states.

Remote worker protection and SASE

ZTNA gateway integration makes ZTNA deployments even easier by integrating a ZTNA gateway directly into the firewall. This means any organization that needs to provide remote access to applications hosted behind the firewall doesn’t need to deploy a separate gateway on a VM. They can simply take advantage of the gateway integrated into their firewall. When combined with our single-agent deployment on the remote device, ZTNA couldn’t possibly get any easier. It’s literally zero-touch zero trust.

Third-party SD-WAN integration makes it easy to onramp SD-WAN traffic onto Cloudflare, Akami, or Azure backbone networks to take advantage of their enormous infrastructure, reach, and networking and security services.

Sophos DNS Protection is our new cloud-delivered web security service that will be available separately in early access very soon. It provides a new Sophos-hosted domain name resolution service (DNS) with compliance and security features that are fully supported by Sophos Firewall. This service provides an added layer of web protection, preventing access to known compromised or malicious domains across all ports, protocols, or applications – both unencrypted and encrypted. More news on this new service is coming soon.×7-2yr-us-power-cord/

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