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Univold is offering PROMISE Technology a leading developer of high-performance storage solutions.

Optimized for Video Surveillance

The Vess A6000 Series storage appliance is specially engineered for IP video surveillance deployment on medium to large scale; ideally suited for surveillance systems in banks, malls, casinos, factories, warehouses, commercial, residential, governmental or private enterprises. The subsystems are capable of continuous recording and playback operation without dropping frames. Video data is protected by PromiseRAID on the Vess A6000 and any additional capacity on Vess R Series.

Approved Industry Provider for NASA SEWP

PROMISE Technology is a recognized global leader in high performance data storage with more than 30 years of experience. Powered by its proprietary PromiseRAID and Boost Family of technologies, providing Rich Media, Surveillance and IT-related storage products and solutions for public sector since 1988. We offer the depth and breadth of storage solutions such as those required by the NASA SEWP V contract. We have also built a superior infrastructure and assembled an experienced team capable of scaling to meet the rigorous demands of this contract and the unique requirements of niche storage solutions. All Federal agencies and authorized Federal contractors may use the SEWP V contract as a vehicle for purchasing storage solutions and support services from PROMISE Technology  


PromiseRAID is a logical choice for any company or individual looking for a storage solution to meet their goals for performance, security, flexibility and peace of mind when it comes to their data.

What makes PromiseRAID different?

PromiseRAID is the thing that initially put Promise Technology on the map in the tech community. It is currently installed in all Promise storage solutions and licensed for use by well-known companies precisely because it is recognized as superior to other methods, especially when compared to widely-used opensource software RAID. PromiseRAID continues to this day to constantly innovate and enhance the technology for vertical solutions in Surveillance, Rich-Media and Data Center, which we call Boost™ technology. The Boost™ technology is a proprietary technology to optimize performance, reliability, security, and stability, building on the PromiseRAID engine.

Univold interduce Pegasus R12

PROMISE engineered this high-density design that enables quick and easy drive swapping and produces very low noise output using intelligent fan control.

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