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Cisco INTEL 4314 2.4GHZ/135W 16C/24MB DDR4 2667MHZ UCS-CPU-I4314


Cisco AMD 2.8GHZ 7443P 200W 24C/128MB CACHE DDR4 3200MHZ UCS-CPU-A7443P

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Lenovo SR630 V2 GOLD 5318S 24C 165W 2.1GHZ 4XG7A63397


SR630 V2 GOLD 5318S 24C 165W 2.1GHZ


Lenovo Intel Xeon Gold (3rd Gen) 5318S Tetracosa-core (24 Core) 2.10 GHz Processor Upgrade – 36 MB L3 Cache – 64-bit Processing – 3.40 GHz Overclocking Speed – 10 nm – Socket LGA-4189 – 165 W – 48 Threads The processor upgrade features Socket LGA-4189 socket for installation on the PCB 10 nm enables improved performance per watt and micro architecture makes it power-efficient Xeon Gold product line processor upgrade for your convenience and optimal usage 36 MB of L3 cache memory offers great system performance and avoids interruptions while executing complex and critical tasks Tetracosa-core (24 Core) processor core allows multitasking with great reliability and fast processing speed Processor Upgrade with 2.10 GHz clock speed for reliable and fast execution of instructions to ensure maximum convenience and feasibility 3rd Gen processor upgrade generation offer more threads, higher clocks, thus giving an optimal and faster system performance

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