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Scale 500GBRAW-8GBRAM HE150 W/ I3-10110U CPU EN-IM.50FE-8


Scale 250GBRAW-8GBRAM HE150 W/ I5-10210U CPU EN-IM.25FEP-8

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Scale 2TBRAW-8GBRAM HE150 W/ I7-10710U CPU EN-IM2FEU-8


2TBRAW-8GBRAM HE150 W/ I7-10710U CPU


Scale Computing HE150 Hyper Converged Appliance – Intel Core i7 i7-10710U Hexa-core (6 Core) 1.10 GHz – 1 x SSD Supported – 1 x SSD Installed – 2 TB Total Installed SSD Capacity – 8 GB RAM DDR4 SDRAM – 1 x NVMe Controller – Gigabit Ethernet – Network (RJ-45) Hyper Converged Appliance offers maximum storage efficiency and convenience The additional cache space and hyper-threading architecture of Intel Core i7 1.10 ghz processor delivers high performance for demanding applications with better on-board graphics and faster turbo boost Gigabit Ethernet is very resourceful when a large number of file transfers are required, such as when performing backups over a network DDR4 SDRAM memory technology for fast, easy, and convenient access and retrieval of data and information

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